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Moneris Gift Card Program

A Simple & Cost-Effective Way To Increase Sales

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The Moneris Gift Card Program allows businesses of all sizes to offer more purchasing options to customers, and it is a simple, cost-effective way to increase sales.

Gift cards can be branded with your company name or logo on a pre-designed card suitable for your industry. You can also create a fully-customized gift card design for your business. Customers can load cards with a dollar value ranging from $1 to a maximum of $250.

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Benefits of The Moneris Merchant Gift Card Program

• Help increase sales and gain new customers
• Extend your brand with eye-catching card designs
• Reduce fraud – cards hold no value until they are activated
• Easy setup and processing through your existing Moneris terminal
• Flexibility – customers decide the amount they wish to load or reload

Moneris Solutions offers two Gift Card Program Packages - Basic and Enhanced.

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