User Guides & Manuals

Merchant Operation Manuals for Our Supported Product Line

We are committed to your complete satisfaction.  As a Moneris Solutions merchant you may print out or copy to your computer the documentation below provided these documents are for your own personal or internal corporate use.  The sale, transfer or reproduction of any information contained on is forbidden.


PAYD User Guides 
Apple User Guide
Android User Guide


PAYD Pro User's Guide 
Apple User Guide
Android User Guide
PAYD PIN pad setup guide

PAYD Merchant Resource Center

PAYD Merchant Resource Center Guide 
PAYD Merchant Resource Center Guide


eSELECTplus User's Guide 
eSELECTplus User Guide
eSelectPLUS Gift Card Manual
eSelectPLUS Loyalty Manual
eSelectPLUS Enhanced Loyalty Manual
eSelectPLUS Android Mobile User Guide
eSelectPLUS Apple Mobile User Guide
eSELECTplus PINpad Setup Guide

eSELECT Plus Drivers

eSELECTplus Driver Guide 
Moneris 7800 (3070) PINpad Native USB Driver (zip file)
PINpad Compatible USB to Serial Port Adapter Driver (zip file)
Epson Printer Driver (zip file)
Magtek MICR IMAGER Driver (exe file)

Merchant Resource Center

Merchant Resource Center User's Guide 
Merchant Resource Center User Manual
Merchant Resource Center iPP320 Setup Guide

POS Terminals 

Point of Sale User's Guide 
OMNI 3750 User Guide
Verifone VX510 User Guide
Verifone VX570 User Guide
Verifone VX680 User Guide
Nurit 8000 User Guide
Way 5000 User Guide 



AprivaPAY Mobile User's Guide 
Blackberry User Guide
iPhone User Guide
Windows Mobile User Guide 
Android ID Tech Mag Reader Setup Guide


Charge Anywhere 

Charge Anywhere User's Guide 
Download ComsGate Transaction Manager User Guide
Blackberry Mobile POS User Guide
Palm Treo Mobile POS User Guide
Windows PC User Guide
Android Mobile Reference Sheet
Blackberry Mobile Reference Sheet
Nokia 6131 Mobile Reference Sheet
RIM 950 Mobile Reference Sheet
Web Application Reference Sheet
Windows Mobile Reference Sheet
Quick Books User Guide
Windows PC User Guide 



Payware Mobile 

Payware Mobile User Guide


Printers User's Guide 
TM-T20 User Guide 
TM-T20 Reference Guide



Gift Card Program User's Guide 
Gift Card Program 
Gift Card Program Welcome Guide
Custom Gift Card Specifications
eSelectPLUS Gift Card Manual 
VX510 Terminal Gift Card Manual 
VX570 Terminal Gift Card Manual 


Loyalty Card Program User's Guide 
Loyalty Program
Loyalty Program Case Study
Loyalty Program Operating Manual
Loyalty Web Portal Operating Manual
Loyalty Members Enrollment Form
eSelectPLUS Loyalty Manual
VX510 Terminal Loyalty Manual
VX570 Terminal Loyalty Manual
Enhanced Loyalty Program Operating Manual
eSelectPLUS Enhanced Loyalty Manual
Enhanced VX510 Terminal Loyalty Manual
Enhanced VX570 Terminal Loyalty Manual
Enhanced Gift & Loyalty Web Portal Operating Manual