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Profit Glance Online Profitability Reporting

Convenient Online Access To Monthly Statements and Transactions

Moneris Solutions has designed ProfitGlance™, a unique web based reporting tool that provides monthly profitability reports via online access. This product allows you to easily view your portfolio details.

ProfitGlance supplies you with convenient access to all of your portfolio details. Accessible from any computer with Internet access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your profitability and portfolio information can be viewed online or exported into Excel.

ProfitGlance Features and Benefits

• Better manage and monitor your portfolio's needs
• Analyze your portfolio's growth
• Accurately forecast sales, and correctly analyze trends
• User-friendly formats
• Two years of historical data (available for querying and auditing purposes)
• Access to reports by the 10th business days of the following month
• Multiple levels of reporting and aggregation
• Role-based access privileges
• Drill-down capabilities

ProfitGlance Profitability Report

The profitability report allows you to view transaction volume and income breakdowns by:

• Card types, such as:
Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club® and JCB®

• Transaction types, including:
Sales, Credits, Chargebacks, Cash Advances and Fees Charged

In addition, individual Basis Point Spread equivalents for Visa, MasterCard and an overall spread for the portfolio can be viewed.

Growth Analysis Report

This report shows you:

• Income and Basis Point Spread Recaps
• Income comparison and growth over selected time frames

Cash Advance Report

The Cash Advance Report provides the fees and income detail for cash advances disbursed by banks.

Active / Inactive Merchant Summary

This report provides a count of the total merchants in your portfolio. In addition, it categorizes the merchants into Active, Inactive or Cancelled account status.

Customer Profile Report

This report provides you with the ability to:

• Search demographic and profile information
• View account open date, last settlement date and processing status
• Access merchant phone numbers and addresses.

Merchant Listing Report

This report allows you to:

• List the financial and demographic details for the merchants in your portfolio
• Sort the merchants by Sales Volume, Income, or Days Since Last Deposit
• List merchants by status: Active, Inactive or Cancelled

ProfitGlance Resources

• ProfitGlance Login
• ProfitGlance Online Demo
• ProfitGlance User Guide 

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