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Fully Integrated Payment Solutions For Your College or University

As one of the largest processors in North America, Moneris Solutions has been helping companies and organizations streamline their payment processing for over 40 years. With unparalleled customer service, technological investments, and our vast experience in a number of key industries, Moneris can be a strategic partner for College or Universities Payment Processing needs.

Our QuickPAY Solutions

The Easiest Solution for Payment and Billing

The alliance between Nelnet Business Solutions and Moneris Solutions® provides Moneris credit card processing services through the industry leading QuikPAY subscription service.

QuikPAY is a fully integrated online payment, billing, and commerce solution that creates measurable cost savings, improved service, and increased cash flow for higher education institutions.

QuikPAY operates seamlessly within an institution’s existing environment. This allows your school to present consolidated billing statements and payment options directly from your campus website. With QuikPAY, students deal directly with the school – avoiding unfamiliar third party payment sites – and your school retains its culture and branding throughout the payment and billing process.

QuikPAY is designed to work in your business office and to extend to every department on campus. It allows you to aggregate all transactional data into a single report – effectively consolidating data from every merchant across the entire institution. Once you experience the benefits of QuikPAY firsthand, you’ll want to share it campus wide.

Together with Moneris, Nelnet Business Solutions’ QuikPAY service benefits customers by providing centralized reconciliation aggregated reporting, and a simplified business relationship. QuikPAY delivers proven ROI while streamlining your business and payment processes.

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