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Making Health Care Payments Easier By 50% And More

More and more the medical community is turning to credit cards for the financial benefits of faster, more reliable payments. Receiving payments at the time of visits instead of over the months or years it takes to collect it is only the beginning. The reduced costs associated with invoicing, claims, processing, and collection plus the simplified paperwork makes it the obvious solution for the future of health care payments.

One Company. Many Ideas. The Right Solution.

In today’s environment, credit card acceptance is a key tool to the financial stability and strength of healthcare practices.

Moneris has a long history of serving healthcare professionals and offers programs that are catered specifically for the healthcare industry. With years of combined experience, this specialized group serves thousands of clients and has a very impressive healthcare portfolio.

Accept Credit Cards for ALL the Right Reasons

With consumer need and demand so clear, it’s no wonder that more and more healthcare providers are accepting credit cards for payment every year. What may not be as clear are the financial benefits of faster, reliable payment and reduced costs associated with invoicing, claims processing and collection. Additionally, it streamlines administrative procedures and accounts receivables.

Wouldn’t you prefer it if more patients paid when services are rendered? Credit card acceptance provides your patients a convenient, flexible and immediate way to fulfill their payment obligation. Collecting payment from patients at the time of service can make a substantial difference in your organization’s cash flow. Credit card acceptance makes all this possible.

Moneris Healthcare Payment Solutions Benefits

Practitioner Benefits

• Improved Cash Flow
• Reduces paperwork, billing, and collection costs
• Simplified office administration through patient pre-authorizations and recurring charges
• Patient appreciation for the choice of flexible payment options and better customer service

Patient Benefits

• Healthcare obtained when it’s needed.
• Patients can offset insurance reimbursement time
• Ability to better track and manage healthcare payments and expenses

Moneris Solutions is currently one of North America’s largest bankcard processors. As a joint venture of the Royal Bank and the Bank of Montreal, two of North America’s most respected banking institutions, Moneris Solutions is your trusted source for all of your bankcard processing needs. Our integrity, experience, reputation, and financial strength make us a valuable resource for you and your healthcare business.

By offering credit card processing, both you and your clients will benefit!

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