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Over 200 Merchant Payment Services and Solutions

At Moneris we believe in matching the right payment processing solutions with the right clients. We enable you to accept all types of credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB.

To support this, we carry a wide array of electronic payment processing services and technology to serve you with a variety of point of sale solutions, systems, hardware and software solutions to fit almost any kind of business need. Machines made by Ingenico, Verifone, Hypercom, Thales, and Lipman set the standard in the merchant payment services industry and we bring them together for the widest possible range of user versatility.  We can even help you create the perfect gift card program or loyalty program encouraging customer activity and boosting sales.

Moneris Solutions is Your Single Payment Source for All Your Payment Needs

Most merchant services providers don’t provide enough payment processing services. Many act as if one POS machine, gift card program or type of credit card transaction processing software can serve everyone’s needs equally well. They don’t realize clients are different and need different payment processing solutions.

Point of Sale  
POS Solutions
Moneris Solutions offers a wide variety of Point-of-Sale equipment, payment gateways, and even PC based payment processing solutions from the best and most reliable manufacturers available today.  Moneris offers a wide variety of Point of Sale Solutions
Gift Cards  
Gift Card Solutions
The Moneris Gift Card Program allows businesses of all sizes to offer more purchasing options to customers, and it is a simple, cost-effective way to increase sales.  With Moneris you can create a fully-customized Gift Card Program 


Loyalty Cards  
Loyalty Card Solutions
The Moneris Loyalty Program is easy-to-use and designed to help you encourage repeat customer visits,  incremental sales, and gain customer insight.  Drive repeat sales and targeted marketing with Moneris’ Loyalty Card Program


Check Services & Solutions  
Check Solutions
Check payment processing continues to be the preferred payment method by consumers.  Moneris Solutions has responded with a wide-array of check services to meet the needs of merchants, regardless of what their goals are.  From check conversion to check guarantee, Moneris Solutions is here to help with your businesses Electronic Check Payment Processing


Debit Card Solutions  
Debit Card Solutions
Moneris Solutions gives you access to multiple debit card networks.  Accepting and processing debit card gives your customer’s additional flexibility and payment options.  Give your customers payment options with Moneris Solutions Debit Card Processing Services


ACH & Direct Deposit  
ACH/Direct Solutions
The customer experience for ACH/Direct Debit is very similar to paying by credit card.  Moneris can provide you with access to the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, a highly reliable electronic funds transfer system.  Moneris provides efficient and safe Direct Debit Processing


Recurring Payment Solutions  
Recurring Payment Solutions
The Moneris Solutions Recurring Payment Solutions allow you to take control of the customer electronic payments by giving you the flexibility to set up automated payments, recurring payments for fixed amounts using your customer’s credit card, debit card, or checking account.  Schedule, manage and collect payments automatically with Moneris Solutions Recurring Payment Processing Services


Merchant Reporting  
Merchant Reporting Solutions
Look no further than Moneris Solutions for your merchant reporting solutions. Our innovative, internet based reporting product produces a wide variety of merchant bankcard information available to you through your personal computer.  Secure access to all your transactions is only a click away with Moneris Solutions Merchant Reporting


Payroll Processing  
Payroll Processing Solutions
Moneris Solutions offers online payroll processing services to save you time and money. Our simple and convenient solution is a reliable and economical way to process and distribute payroll in just minutes.  Secure, reliable and efficient Online Payroll Processing


Benefits of Credit Cards  
Benefits of Credit Cards
Why accept credit cards?  Accepting credit cards makes good business sense.  Here are seven key merchant benefits that you can receive from accepting and processing credit cards.  Learn more about The Benefits of Credit Cards


Moneris Advantage  
The Moneris Advantage
Moneris is the industry leader because we focus all our efforts on the three key elements of payment processing – technology, innovation and people.  Innovation is our strength, we understand that as a business owner, creativity and originality is what sets you apart from your competitors.  Learn more about The Moneris Advantage


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