ACH & Direct Debit Processing Services

Get Connected to the Highly Reliable ACH Network

Moneris can provide you with access to the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, a highly reliable electronic funds transfer system. This network provides for the interbank clearing of electronic payments for participating depository financial institutions.

ACH payments include:

• Electronic checks
• E-commerce payments
• Business-to-business payments
• Federal, state and local tax payments
• Direct Payment of consumer bills (such as child care payments, rent payments, health club/subscription payments, school payments, mortgages, loans, utility bills and insurance premiums)

For ACH & Direct Debit processing, a customer authorizes a merchant to automatically retrieve payments directly from their checking or savings account for deposit into a merchant account. This saves time and money, and eliminates the need for customers to write checks.

The customer experience for ACH & Direct Debit is very similar to paying by credit card. When a customer visits a merchant location or their website to execute a bill payment, they simply supply their bank account details (routing number and checking account number) instead of their credit card details. Moneris will submit the transaction to the Federal Reserve, who will then credit or debit the customer’s bank account. Moneris supports both single and recurring payments.          

In addition, ACH processing is efficient and safe. Paper checks contain a great deal of personal information and are typically handled by many people, exposing key information multiple times. Using Moneris’ electronic payments solution significantly reduces this risk. Moneris applies the same security measures to ACH transactions that we do to credit cards, including the encryption of account numbers in the Moneris database.

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