Electronic Check Conversion Processing

Check Processing & Conversion Has Never Been Easier

Check payments continue to be the preferred payment method by consumers. Billions of checks are written within the United States every year, with over 33 billion written in 2006*. Merchants are looking to payment solutions providers for a check service that simplifies their process. Moneris Solutions has responded with a wide-array of paper and electronic check services to meet the needs of merchant, regardless of what their goals are. From Electronic Check Conversion to Guarantee, you can look to one provider for all your check payment needs.

Combined with other payment services, merchants can now only have to manage one relationship for all their payment collection needs. No longer will merchants have to worry about the check collection process.

Through the check service, merchants will have access to the following services:

• Paper Check Guarantee
• Check Conversion with Verification
• Check Conversion with Guarantee

Check Conversion Definitions

Verification Services
Through integration with multiple comprehensive national databases that are updated on a daily basis, Moneris can verify the check transaction before the consumer leaves your location.

Guarantee Services
Guarantee services allow the merchant to accept check payments with the same level of confidence as cash. The guarantor will take the risk on behalf of the merchant for all checks deposited.

Check Conversion
This service allows the merchant to convert the payer paper check to an electronic transaction at the point of sale. Merchants will no longer have to deal with the depositing of check transactions.

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